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Stress Doc in CBS TV Newspath Feature on Workplace Violence: 
Special Segment for February Ratings Sweeps

More improbable media exploits of the Stress Doc. CBS TV News in New York City called last week. Mike Potenza, Producer and Stephen Clark, Correspondent (and interviewer) are developing a special 3 minute Newspath feature on Workplace Violence. The news piece will be offered to over 200 affiliates in the states and around the globe for their February ratings/sweep period. Mike wanted to know if I'd do an interview and taping to discuss violence-prone personalites and violence-enabling work environments.

Are you kidding? Does the sun rise in the morning? Hey, my motto -- "Have Stress? Will Travel: A Smart Mouth for Hire!" My media fantasy: getting so much exposure that I'm arrested for indecency. ;-) (Apparently my five-part series, "'Going Postal' and Beyond" -- partly based on my consulting work with the USPS -- caught their attention. For the series, go to www.stressdoc.com; scroll down to "What's Hot.") Amtak here I come.

Last Thursday we had an hour taping for a 30 second spot or two. The feature will likely be aired by interested CBS affiliates beginning the first week of February. The production team has also interviewed FBI experts and security personnel from The World Trade Center. Please let me know if you catch it.

Finally, an immediate positive...I've generated a new Stress Doc Program. Email or call, 202-232-8662 (in Wash, DC) if your workplace might benefit:

Managing Anger and Preventing Workplace Violence From Clinical-Environmental Assessment to Strategic Intervention

In today’s 24/7, "do more with less," "anytime, anywhere," constantly upgrading IT-driven world where downsizing, merging and acquiring rule, uncertainty, vulnerability and frustration are ever present.  The scenario becomes more hazardous when managers who are rigidly authoritarian, inattentive, inexperienced or overly protective become stress carriers for their teams, departments or, even, entire organizations.  Also, let’s not forget the wide presence of taunting, harassing or bullying individuals.  (Did you know 1 in 5 employees report being bullied at work by supervisors or colleagues?)  And finally, there are employees across the organizational hierarchy who bring a problematic biochemical condition (whether depression or alcoholism, for example) and/or troubled, if not explosive, personal and family history to work.

Clearly, when all these forces collide not only does the workplace become "lean-and-MEAN"…the stage is set for "Violence in Your Workplace!"

Have no fear, Mark Gorkin, LICSW, "The Stress Doc" ™, international speaker and consultant, is here.  A former stress and violence prevention expert for the US Postal Service, and recently featured on CBS TV in a Newspath segment on "Workplace Violence," the Doc will help you and your organization realize key program objectives.


Through dynamic and thought-provoking, inspiring and fun-filled presentation and group exercises, participants will learn to recognize the unique pressures and challenges of a high tech, constantly upgrading rapidly changing world.  The program will also identify violence-prone personalities along with work environments and leadership styles that endanger the safety, morale and productivity of your organization.  And the final comprehensive focus is on skills, strategies and organizational structures for defusing hazardous environments, chronically angry individuals and destructive power struggles and for preventing violence at work.


Managing Anger and Preventing Workplace Violence

I.  Violence-Prone Work Environments

     A. Daily Dozen Organizational Burnout or Burn Up Symptoms      B. Unpredictable or Uncontrollable Downsizing, Merging and Upgrading      C. Degrading and Authoritarian Communication and Conflict Coping      D. Management Neglect and Workplace Bullying/Harassment

II.  Violence-Prone Personalities and Cultures

     A. Dangerous Personality Characteristics and Tendencies      B. Bipolar, Batterer and Belligerent Types      C. Loner, Type A and Explosive Types      D. Aggressive, Addictive and Adolescent Cultures

III. Skills and Strategies for Defusing Destructive Aggression

     A. Four Faces of Anger Model      B. Transforming Rage and Hostility into Passion and Assertion      C. Defusing Power Struggles by Centering and with Healing Humor      D. Replacing Blaming "You’s" with Assertive "I" Messages

IV.  Programs/Strategies for Preventing Violence and (Re)Building Team Morale

     A. Zero Tolerance Policy and Effective Grievance Procedures      B. Stress Management By Wandering Around with Accessible EAP      C. Decisive Confrontation & Intervention and Supervisor-Manager Coordination      D. Safe Stress Program:  Morale Building Workshop and Ongoing Team Building

So try a "hands on" and insightful, powerful and playful study and encounter with a deadly serious subject.  Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor:  May the Farce Be with You!

Don’t miss your appointment with the Stress Doc!

Mark Gorkin, LICSW, “The Stress Doc” ™, is an internationally recognized speaker and syndicated writer on stress, anger management, reorganizational change, team building and HUMOR! He is America Online’s “Online Psychohumorist” ™ with a USA Today Online “HotSite” – www.stressdoc.com. Practice Safe Stress with the StressDoc: The Art of Managing Stress, Burnout & Depression, (published by AdviceZone.com) comes out Feb. 2001.  For more info, email stressdoc@aol.com or call 202-232-8662.

Mark Gorkin "The Stress Doc" (TM) AOL Keyword: Stress Doc

www.stressdoc.com stressdoc@aol.com 202-232-8662