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Stress Doc Internet Radio Interview: Stress and Humor; 12/14/02

Listen through your computer to Mark Gorkin, "The Stress Doc",  on Jacqueline Marcell's Internet radio program, "Coping with Caregiving," discussing "Managing Stress with Humor."
Click here: wsRadio.com The World Wide Leader in Internet Talk
After clicking above, scroll down to Recent Archives;
Scroll down and click Coping with Caregiving 12/14/02;
Go to Segment Five for Stress Doc interview.

Dr. Hurd's interviews with the Stress Doc on "Stress, Anger and Humor" and "Loss, Change and Stress Relaxation Exercise."  See Rave Reviews below:

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Listen to the Dr. Hurd interviews using Real Audio:

03/15/01     "Stress, Anger and Humor"

06/07/01     "Loss, Change and Stress Relaxation Exercise"

Dr. Michael J. Hurd is a practicing psychotherapist, talk show host, newspaper columnist and author of Grow Up America!: Learning to Live the Happy Responsible Life and Bad Therapy, Good Therapy (and How to Tell the Difference). Both are available exclusively at his website, www.DrHurd.com. His articles, essays, and subscriptions to his popular Living Resources Newsletter may also be accessed at the website.


  Download the free RealAudio player here.

Rave Reviews:

The reviews of Dr. Hurd's interview with the Sress Doc have been great.  Here is the Production Director's take on the show.


I've got to tell you that your show is one of the all-time greats. We can't wait to air it.



Audience Feedback

From: clintman@airmail.net (Clint Stevens)

This is an exceptional 45-minute streaming audio program featuring the official AOL "psychohumorist" (AKA "Stress Doc") at http://www.stressdoc.com ...

your computer will need its speakers on for this, and you will need a 45-minute block of time ...

it provides a LOT of insight into stress, anger and control in the work environment... worth listening to by anyone trying to make sense out of our wacky world of work!

UserEmail: SusanB

Date: 18 Mar 2001

I listened to the radio talk show you did with Dr. Michael Hurd. I found the show to be very interesting and helpful. I work in law enforcement and I am responsible for supervising 7 supervisors and 33 line officers. I thought you were talking about the people in my work place since I recognized many of my co-workers in your descriptions. Thanks for the insight on new ways to approach these people. I receive your newsletters and really find them helpful and enjoyable.

Thanks....keep up the good work!