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Adding Entreprenureal Punch

Confronting and Managing Reorganizational Crises

Today, individuals and organizations are subjected to rapid budget and program cuts with prolonged periods of doing more work with less people and resources. When combined with systemic uncertainty, the stage is set for reorganizational crisis. And it is the "survivors" who may be at greatest risk.

Management must enable individuals, teams and sometimes, whole divisions or organizations to grapple pro-actively with "survivor shock" if innovatively "lean and mean" systems are not to mutate into "lean and mean-spirited" ones. Have no fear ( well, maybe a little) The Stress Doc, Mark Gorkin, is here to sharpen your awareness of the stress and burnout, the loss, rage and grief, and the dangers and opportunities surrounding reorganizational crisis.

This intense yet fun-filled program will provide a variety of interactive exercises, group discussion and conceptual tools for helping participants rapidly channel vital aggression for self-rejuvenation. Learn concepts and skills for becoming a prevention and intervention team catalyst. Help your people recommit to the organizations mission and vision while converting "survivor shock" into survivor synergy" at the burnout battlefront.